Flight Plans, Featuring Shari Hornish

Flight Plans

You are invited to an opening reception for the artist Sunday, November 13, from 2 pm to 4 pm

Admission is free during the reception

They say there is an element of autobiography in every piece of fiction, and, if that’s true, then my paintings of birds are, to some degree, self-portraits. You may not recognize me up there on those limbs, light as air and free as - well, as a bird. It’s me, nevertheless.

I began painting trees about ten years ago because I love their shapes, textures, and colors.They’re very willing sitters and never complain or ask to be compensated for their time. And all trees are dedicated environmentalists. What’s not to admire about these gentle giants?

With each new painting, my focus zoomed in, moving closer and closer to the subject. The smallest branches and leaves began to appear. One day a bird asked to be included in the picture, and I reluctantly agreed. And soon there he sat - no, I sat - just as in many of my dreams, no longer a fading middle- aged woman but a vibrant creature surveying my leafy new world.

It’s not The Picture of Dorian Gray, just the opposite. Down here in the flesh, I’m getting old. Physically limited. Absurdly cautious. Incurably lazy. But up there on canvas, I’m full of life, ready to lift off for another flight over the treetops. The leaves around me rustle. The sky is sunlit, the breeze ruffles my beautiful feathers, and I am master of my domain.

-- Artist's Statement

The exhibit runs through February 23 at Texas Discovery Gardens.

Texas Discovery Gardens admission applies for show duration. $8/adults, $6/ages 60+, and $4/ages 3 to 11. On Tuesdays, enjoy Pay-What-You-Wish admission!