Outdoor Places, featuring David Schulze

Above Moreno Valley

Curator Brenda McKinney has chosen 30 paintings by David Schulze for a solo show, Outdoor Places, on display during the 2016 State Fair of Texas.

You are invited to an opening reception for the artist Sunday, September 18 from 2 pm to 4 pm

Admission is free during the reception

“Patterns of light and shadow and their impacts on composition are of great interest to me and play a vital role in my work. While the classical norms of composition inform, they do not control the placement of elements in my paintings.

The physical act of placing paint on a surface provides one of the most immediate and tactile joys in the experience of making a painting.

Marks and brush strokes that are visible in a finished work add interest and help provide the viewer clues about how the painting was created.” -- Artist's Statement

The exhibit runs through November 3 at Texas Discovery Gardens.

Texas Discovery Gardens admission applies for show duration. $8/adults, $6/ages 60+, and $4/ages 3 to 11. State Fair fees and parking apply from Sept. 30 - Oct. 23.