2017 Spring Break Safari Week!
Explore nature with us March 13-17!

Is your Spring Break another week? We'll have additional special crafts and activities March 4-19.

Join us as we celebrate Spring Break in Garden Style March 13-17! Activities are free with paid garden admission and are geared toward all ages. Every Tuesday is Pay-What-You-Wish admission!

Each day of the week has a special nature theme. With 20 activities and 15 crafts throughout the week, you can keep coming back with fun new experiences all week long. Members: enjoy a special framed butterfly wings craft just for you each day!
At 11 am, enjoy nature walks or outdoor activities.
At noon, enjoy our butterfly release talk in the Butterfly House.
At 1 pm, we'll hold an active game.
At 2 pm, we'll hold two story times (one for pre-school and one for elementary aged kids).
At 3 pm, enjoy animal meet-and-greets.
Enjoy come-and-go crafts each day!

For each activity listed below, the activity starts on the hour and lasts about 30 minutes. Please make sure you arrive at the activity site a little before the hour, so you don't miss anything. Crafts are come-and-go between 11 am and 3:30 pm. If we run out of materials for a specific craft, we'll substitute it with something just as fun!

Monday is Bug Day!

11 am – Bug Safari
1 pm – Game/Activity: Insect May I?
12 pm - Butterfly Release Talk 2 pm – Story time
3 pm – Meet the Critter: Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Fruit Chafers
Crafts – Bug Hats, Fingerprint Ants, Baggie Bags

Monarch wings

Gardening Tuesday

11 am – Four Senses Garden Walk
12 pm - Butterfly Release Talk
1 pm – Vegetable, Vegetable
2 pm – Story time
3 pm – Critter Talk: Worm Bins
Crafts – Flowers on a Fence, Leaf Crown, Foot Flower

Bug noculars

Butterflies Wednesday

11 am – Butterfly Lifecycle Hunt
12 pm - Butterfly Release Talk
1 pm – Caterpillar Races
2 pm – Story time
3 pm – Meet the Critter: Caterpillars and Butterfly Touchboxes
Crafts - Metamorphosis Pasta, Butterfly Ring, Clothes Pin Butterfly

Butterfly House

Reptile Thursday

11 am – Reptile Walk
12 pm - Butterfly Release Talk
1 pm – Snake Tail Tag
2 pm – Story time
3 pm – Meet the Snakes!
Crafts - Bead Snake, Life Cycle Turtle, Paper Plate Frog

Garden in the City

Green is for Me Friday

11 am – Trash Walk (gloves and bags provided)
12 pm - Butterfly Release Talk
1 pm – Solar S'mores!
2 pm – Story Time
3 pm – Critter meet and greet: Malaysian Stick Insects
Crafts - Leaf Man Moasaics, Composting in a Baggie, Rock Fruits and Veggies