Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Timing, Set Up, & breakdown

Q. How many people does each rental area hold?

  • Grand Hall: 300 (seated dinner with a small dance area); 500 (standing reception or auditorium seating)
  • Lobby & Discovery Gallery: 80 (dinner seating); 150 (standing)
  • Canopy Room (includes view of tropical butterfly house): 40 (dinner seating); 60 (standing)
  • Butterfly House: 100 (standing ceremony)
  • Centennial House: 60 (dinner seating); 80 (standing)
  • Grand Allee: 600 (includes 200 chairs)
  • Gossip Lawn: 40
  • Shade & Heirloom Rose Gardens: 60
  • Meadows: 200
Q. Do we need to account for setup/breakdown in our contracted time period?
A. Yes, from the moment you or your vendors arrive at Texas Discovery Gardens, your contracted time begins. (Please note that on average it takes two hours for setup and one hour for breakdown.)
Q. Is setup and breakdown included in the rental of tables and chairs?
A.No, setup/breakdown is not included in the rental of your equipment. This is usually done by your caterer or a third party vendor like James Johnson or Sugar City sweets&celebrations, whom most of my clients contract with for setup/breakdown/cleanup services.

Vendor Equipment/Supplies Drop Off & Pick Up

Q. Is it okay if my vendors drop off items for my event before the scheduled contract time?
A. , we have several events that take place at TDG throughout the day and cannot allow any items for to be dropped off before your contracted time period. Any items that come before that time will start your contracted time period and will be assessed a fee of $200 per hour for additional time used.
Q. Can my vendors pick up their equipment on the following business day or do they have to pick it up on the day/night of the event?
A. All equipment, decorations, linens, etc. must be picked up by the end of your contracted event rental time. TDG does not store any equipment left behind. TDG will impose a $300 storage fee for any equipment that is left on our property past your approved contracted rental period. This fee will be deducted from your damage deposit.


Q. Is security required at my event?
A. Yes, one officer per 200 guests is required. You can reserve security through TDG at a rate of $50 per hour per officer and is required by the contract. This fee is paid at the final walkthrough meeting no less than 15 days before your event.

Catering and Alcohol Services

Q. Do we have to use one of your preferred caterers?
A. Although we encourage you to use one of our preferred caterers, you may use an outside caterer for an additional fee of $250. Please note: The caterer you use must be licensed, meet our insurance requirements and provide TDG with a copy of their liability insurance listing TDG as an additional insured party.
Q. Can we bring in our own alcohol?
A. Yes, you can supply your own alcohol; however, it must be brought onto TDG property by your caterer or a service company during the setup period of your rental time and served by a TABC certified server. Please note that if you are interested in doing a cash bar, you must have a seller’s permit to do so. Please contact the TABC for detailed information at 214.678.4000.

Inclement Weather and Tenting

Q. What happens if it rains and I have scheduled an outside event?
A. In the event that there is inclement weather or you suspect inclement weather on the day of your event, we suggest that you book the Grand Hall or lobby for backup or have a backup plan. TDG does not give refunds due to inclement weather.
Q. May we setup a tent in the Gardens?
A. The use of tents is limited and must be approved by Texas Discovery Gardens. In the event a tent is allowed by TDG, the following provisions must be observed. No staking of the grass or ground is allowed. If a tent is brought in, you can use sandbags or water barrels depending on the location of the tent. The tent cannot have a floor, and no dance floor may be placed on the grass.

Garden Visitors and Other Garden Events

Q. Will the general public be allowed into the Gardens while my event is taking place?
A. Texas Discovery Gardens is a public facility. If your event is scheduled during regular business hours (daily from 10 am to 5 pm), there is a possibility the general public will be touring the property.
Q. Will another event be taking place at the same time as my event?
A. It is not likely that we will have two events taking place at the same time; however, it is possible. In the event that there are two events taking place at the same time we will do everything in our power to keep the events separate as not to interfere with each other.

Bride and Groom Send Off

Q. What can we use for our send off?
A. Texas Discovery Gardens only allows bubbles and flower petals for your send off from the Gardens. All flower petals must be picked up at the end of the event. Sparklers are considered fireworks and are not allowed in Dallas City Limits, including the Gardens and surrounding areas.