Part of the 3rd Annual Dallas Green Festival
Saturday, Sept. 18

  • Join 30 or more DFW Smart Car Club Drivers
  • Join the mass tropical butterfly release into the conservatory
  • Sponsor a driver and give a child a day of fun, education, and discovery in nature
  • Help us reach our goal to teach over 12,000 children this school year!

More Event Information

Join our first annual Butterfly Road Rally!

DFW Smart Car Club drivers will drive a route that takes them throughout Dallas as they land at various public parks, gardens, community gardens and even a Farmer’s Market!

Each $15 or more sponsorship gets you into the conservatory to be a part of a mass tropical butterfly release of hundreds of butterflies. The release at 12:30 pm celebrates the winning team at the award ceremony. The second mass release at 2:30 pm celebrates the end of the Rally and Dallas Green Festival. Space is limited to 150 participants at each release.

All sponsorships benefit Texas Discovery Gardens’ 2010-2011 education programs by giving our community’s underserved youth a day of environmental learning. These programs teach math in nature, the study of botany and insects, the science of soil, composting and how to lead “greener” lives in the real world through direct, hands-on experiences. Only with your help will we reach our goal!

Route Map and Information

Click on the pins to find out more about the locations!

Kiest Park

Texas Discovery Gardens is pleased to have Kiest Park as one of its route stops in the Butterfly Rally. This historic park, given to the City of Dallas in 1931 by Edwin Kiest, is also the site of Kiest Memorial Garden, a two and a half acre garden in memory of Kiest’s wife and popular site for major Dallas events in the 1980s. Texas Discovery Gardens is proud to have worked closely with the Friends of Oak Cliff Parks to help restore this garden to its former glory and would like to draw attention to such a beautiful public park by offering it as a stop in the rally.


Lake Cliff Park

Here at Texas Discovery Gardens, we’re all about the public’s access to parks. The Friends of Oak Cliff Parks have been doing great things around the Oak Cliff area, including their work at Lake Cliff Park. The park’s wonderful selections of perennials as well as their gorgeous rose bushes have made Lake Cliff Park a great public garden in Dallas. We are happy to announce that Lake Cliff Park will be a part of our major Butterfly Rally on Saturday, September 18 as we raise funds for education efforts at TDG.


Celebration Farmer's Market

Celebration is a little different from most restaurants in the Dallas area. They’re all about quality. They serve their customers well, and the atmosphere is amazing. Most distinctively, their menu changes daily because of their emphasis on making their food from scratch everyday from the freshest ingredients, the most in-season products. That’s something that we can get behind at Texas Discovery Gardens, the first organic garden in Texas. We are incredibly ecstatic to have Celebration as a stop in our Butterfly Rally.


Stonewall Gardens

Together, Texas Discovery Gardens and Stonewall Gardens are building educational programs with an emphasis on math and science and teaching children about the value of nature. Stonewall Gardens has teamed up with Texas Discovery Gardens in the 2010 Butterfly Rally as one of the route stops. The rally benefits Texas Discovery Gardens’ Earthkeepers Program, something that Stonewall Gardens can get behind. Together, we can build a brighter future.


Lake Highlands Community Gardens

The Lake Highlands Community Garden is an all-organic garden in the Lake Highlands area that has transformed the community and their food. Like Texas Discovery Gardens, they avoid all herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers that would harm the environment. Their butterfly garden was established and even certified by Texas Discovery Gardens in December 2009. We are delighted to have Lake Highlands Community Garden as one of our stops on the Butterfly Rally in hopes of raising funds for more kids to learn about the importance of gardening like in the Lake Highlands Community Garden.


Cultural Bath House at White Rock Lake

The first neighborhood cultural center in the city of Dallas, the Cultural Bath House is a great example of raising awareness for the natural environment. White Rock Lake has remained a bit of an urban oasis, a great place where nature still exists in the midst of our fast-paced urban lives. Recently, they collaborated with us to set up a butterfly garden. Texas Discovery Gardens has the Cultural Bath House as a stop in our Butterfly Rally this year, so that more people can realize how beautiful it really is.


Deep Ellum Outdoor Market

Deep Ellum Outdoor Market is a new and exciting attraction to Dallas, started this past summer in July. Already a huge success, the market aims to showcase some of Dallas's lesser known talents, from awesome, hand-crafted wares to independent artists. It's a great place for live music and beautiful art and is truly becoming a site to see in Dallas. At the Dallas Green Festival on September 18th, we hope to feature some of the wonderful talents that go to the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market on a regular basis. The work they do is phenomenal and we're so incredibly proud to have them on board for a stop on our rally.


Texas Discovery Gardens

Texas Discovery Gardens is the start and end point in the rally. We’ve always been committed to a greener, more environmentally future and we’d like to invite you to join us on that mission. Just five dollars will allow an underprivileged child to participate in our education programs. Come by during the rally for a mass release and the Dallas Green Festival!


A - Texas Discovery Gardens | B - Kiest Park | C - Lakecliff Park | D - Celebration Farmer's Market | E - Stonewall Gardens | F - Lake Highlands Community Garden | G - Cultural Bath House at White Rock Lake | H - Deep Ellum Outdoor Market | I - Texas Discovery Gardens

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