EarthKeepers Educational Programming

Where children and adults learn to sustain the natural world.

EarthKeepers Children's Education Classes at Texas Discovery Gardens Located in Dallas’ historic Fair Park, Texas Discovery Gardens is a 7.5 acre organic garden featuring native and adapted plants. Our two-story Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House and Insectarium transports you to a tropical rainforest with hundreds of live butterflies. Snakes of Texas and Honeybee exhibits introduce children to the wonders of the natural world.

We tailor each class to your grade level. Choose from one of our TEKS-based programs:

Gardening for Children (PreK - 2nd grade)
Learn about basic seed structure and plant parts, and then explore the gardens on a guided tour. Each student plants a seed to take home.

Skies of Butterflies (PreK - 8th grade)
Explore a butterfly’s life cycle and learn about fascinating monarchs. Discover the differences between butterflies and moths.

Art in the Garden (PreK - 8th Grade)
Use your senses to explore art installations throughout our Gardens and explore the concepts of inspiration, abstract art, and realistic art.

Butterflies, Bugs, and Botany (K - 8th grade) Explore the amazing lives of insects and learn about adaptation, habitat, and pollination. We feature bees, butterflies and flies.

Compost Alive! (1st - 8th grade)
Recycling and decomposition come alive as students discover how an ecosystem is powered by a complex web of creatures and energy. Students make a take-home compost starter bucket.

Terrarium Worlds (2nd - 8th grade)
Follow a water droplet’s journey as we explore the water cycle. Build a take-home terrarium and see the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle in action!

Math in Nature (2nd - 8th grade)
Math becomes a real-world tool as students visit garden habitats and record data like time, temperature and measurements.

Jungle in the City (2nd – 8th grade)
Travel to a rainforest as we explore the ecological relationships of forest life, including flora, predators and prey.

Pricing and Booking

Programs are available on weekdays hourly from 10 am to 4 pm. Schedule enough time to visit our 7.5 acres of organically-maintained gardens, Snakes of Texas Exhibit, Tropical Butterfly House, and Discovery Art Gallery.

We provide a teacher’s guide that helps you lead your class through our grounds. We also have pre-visit Discovery Packets for extention activities upon request.

To help you schedule your visit, allow an hour per program and 20 to 30 minutes per walkthough of the Butterfly House. There is ample picnic space on our fenced-in grounds. Our classroom holds 50 students. Larger groups can be split and rotated through our program, butterfly house and gardens.

Combo Program with Butterfly House Admission: $8/student; 10 student min/50 student max per hour. One chaperone free/10 children; $8/adult. Required if booking Skies of Butterflies or Jungle in the City.

Single Program (No Butterfly House Entry)*: $5/student; 10 student min/50 student max per hour. One chaperone free/10 children; $5/adult. Garden/lobby access is allowed. We highly recommend upgrading to the combo option.

*If cost is a concern for your school, full or partial scholarship applications are available while funding lasts on an annual basis.

Outreach option: Several of our programs are offered offsite. Each program comes with a student take-away. The cost is $5/student, with an additional $75 outreach fee. Minimum class size is 10 students.

General admission only: If your school cannot stay for a program, we do offer group rates for general admission. General Admission Rates:$6/adults, $4 for students and ages 60+. Please book at least 48 hours in advance if you plan to attend with a group rate.

Booking procedure:
1. Fill out our Reservation Request Form with your ideal dates. Our Booking Coordinator is also happy to assist you with this process if you have questions.
2. Submit a 50% non-refundable deposit. We accept check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and/or cash.
3. Booking confirmation will be emailed or faxed to you as a completed invoice.
4. Remaining fees are due two weeks prior to arrival.
To book a program or check availability, contact Chesley Hinds, Education Administrative Coordinator, at or (214) 428-7476 x 343.

For questions regarding program content or advice in selecting a program for your grade, contact Erin Shields, Education Manager, at or (214) 428-7476 x 270.