EarthKeepers® Programming

In 2009, we opened The Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House and Insectarium. Now, your school group has the opportunity to view hundreds of butterflies as you walk through natural landscapes and learn about the butterfly life cycle, nectar and host plants, and the interrelationship between insects and plants. See our combination package below.

EarthKeepers Programs

Classes are individually tailored and adjusted for each grade level. Suggested grades are listed to the right of each program.

Gardening for Children (PreK-2nd grade)

Students will recognize that people plant gardens for a variety of reasons. Students learn seed structure, plant parts, and the basic components of a habitat. Each student will plant a seed in an individual container.

Butterflies, Bugs, and Botany (1st - 6th grade)

Students will explore the amazing lives of insects and other arthropods by visiting garden habitats to observe how creatures adapt to specific environments. Special attention is paid to the interdependence of insects and plants, especially the process of pollination.

TI's Math in Nature (2nd - 6th grade)

Students will learn how math is used in a garden and will record temperature, time and measurement data as they explore habitats. Extensive post-visit worksheets use this data to solve problems and create tables, graphs and charts. Worksheets are designed to resemble TAKS tests and are grade-specific. Program is only available as a class field trip. Program materials generously funded by Texas Instruments.

Terrarium Worlds (PreK - 2nd grade)

Students will learn about different regulatory cycles in nature (water cycle, carbon-oxygen cycle and/or nitrogen cycle - for 5th through 8th grade) and then create a classroom terrarium - a home for a plant and animals - that demonstrates these cycles.

Woodall Foundation's Life in the Compost Bin (1st - 6th grade)

Through composting techniques, students learn how materials from plants and animals can be recycled into rich soil for the garden. Students investigate the living things in a compost pile and learn about the role creatures play in recycling a system's energy. Students can also make their own worm bin for school or home. Program materials generously funded by the Woodall Foundation.

Skies of Butterflies (PreK – 5th grade)

Explore the life cycle and habitats for both native and tropical butterflies, including the star of the show; the Marvelous Monarchs! Learn about the physical characteristics of butterflies, moths and flowers and the interdependence of insects and plants throughout nature. Students will be able to name at least one butterfly and describe its adaptations.Must be reserved with combination package.

Jungle in the City (2nd – 5th grade)

Come discover the world inside the rainforest. Students will explore the ecological relationships of the forest creatures, including diverse flora, predators and their prey. Must be reserved with combination package.

Woodall Foundation's Conservation Investigation (K – 8th grade)

Using a variety of investigation tools, students will discover the importance of conserving precious natural resources. All students will make their own piece of recycled paper during this hands-on science experience! Program materials generously funded by the Woodall Foundation.

Pricing and Booking Information

Single EarthKeepers Program: $5 per student; 20 student minimum/50 student maximum per hour.

Butterfly House Field Trip: $5 per student; 100 student maximum per hour.

Combination package*: $8 per student; 20 student minimum/50 student maximum per hour. *Includes one EarthKeepers® program and the Butterfly House Field Trip

One adult free per 10 children; $5 per each additional adult ($8 for Combination package).

If you have a larger group than 50, we provide activities for the remaining students to complete until it is their turn to take the class or tour.

Outreach Option: We can come to you! We also have science labs and after school programs that can be brought and presented at your campus at an additional $75 per visit

Hours: Monday through Friday at 10 am, 11 am, and 12 pm. Please allow an hour per program and an hour per tour of the Butterfly House.

Contact: our Booking Department at (214) 428-7476 x 343

To book a program, please complete the following:
1. Contact our Education Department to set a date and time for your preferred program.
2. Submit a 50% non-refundable deposit.* We accept check, VISA, MasterCard, and/or cash.
3. Booking confirmation will be emailed or faxed to you in the form of a completed invoice.

*remaining fees due two weeks prior to arrival.