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See what's flying in our butterfly house before you visit! Although photos don't do these fascinating creatures justice, you can whet your appetite with fun facts on where they originate, their life cycle and much more!
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Why are butterflies important to our environment? See the story here on WFAA Channel 8!   WFAA's David Schechter traveled to South Texas to see one of the butterfly farms that ships butterflies to us. We also get shipments from a farm here in Dallas from Dale Clark as well as farms in the Philippines, El Salvador, Colombia, Malaysia, and other countries. These farms rely on a healthy local environment and are eco-friendly businesses.

We hope that after enjoying a stroll through our butterfly house, you'll want to create native habitat for our native Texas butterflies in your own outdoor space. It's easy to grow host and nectar plants that will attract them! See Dale Clark's Dallas County Lepidopterist Society website for info on butterfly gardening.

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