Garden Consultation

Texas Discovery Gardens experts will assess and maximize the potential of your landscape and gardens. The scope of this program is to provide horticultural expertise (applying organic principles) to individuals and groups who desire an intimate, one on one, on site, horticultural education experience.

Our goal: to help you create a safe, healthy organic garden/landscape using plants that conserve water and take minimal maintenance.

Areas of expertise include: butterfly gardens, native and adapted plant landscapes, organic techniques, and vegetable gardens.

A Garden Consultation includes the following:
  • An individualized, on site class conducted by the Texas Discovery Gardens' Director of Horticulture.
  • An assessment of any issues in your garden/landscape along with suggestions on how to control them organically.
  • Information tailored to meet your concerns, needs and ideas for your landscape.
  • This program does not include landscape design drawings, physical construction of gardens, or physical maintenance.
Depending on your needs, topics of discussion may cover:
  • site selection for different types of gardens
  • bed preparation
  • organic maintenance
  • new garden construction
  • plant species selection
  • integrated pest management (beneficial insects in the garden)
  • composting
  • soil biology

To register for a Garden Consultation, contact our Booking Coordinator, Barb Martin, at (214) 428-7476 x343. Call at least two weeks in advance; times subject to availability.

The cost is $150 for a two hour session, plus a travel charge of $0.50 per mile from Texas Discovery Gardens to your site and back.