Benny Simpson Garden

Benny J. Simpson Texas Native Plant Collection

Dedicated in 1996, this Texas native plant collection demonstrates more than 20 years of Benny Simpson's research in Dallas, representing 345 plants from 84 genera. Simpson was a lifelong horticulturist who worked for the Texas A&M Research and Extension Center, gathering wild and native trees and shrubs around the state and testing them for North Central Texas soils. The North Texas Master Naturalists have adopted the garden and meet regularly for maintenance. Find more about Simpson's life and work here.

Butterfly Garden

Native Butterfly Habitat

Our butterfly garden is a tranquil spot to enjoy some time outside and get ideas on how to plant your own at home. It is our desire to demonstrate how easily a family, school, or office can attract and support the complete life cycle of Dallas' native butterflies. Host plants provide the proper source of nutrition for caterpillars and attract egg-laying adult female butterflies. Nectar-rich plants are a food source for adult butterflies.

Circular Lawn

Circular Lawn, Callier Garden, & Leftwich Pond

This area was designed by Joe Lambert, one of Dallas’ most prominent landscape architects in the 1950s and 1960s. Based upon a series of overlaying arcs and circles, these gardens feature perennial plantings, numerous flowering shrubs and small trees, and fountains. The Leftwich Pond contains an aquatic plant collection maintained by the North Texas Water Garden Society.

Rose Garden Gazebo

Faerie Blanton Kilgore Heirloom Rose Garden

Enclosed by a holly and boxwood hedge, this intimate garden has plantings of antique and fragrant roses along with a delightful selection of perennials. This garden features many of our favorite, old-fashioned plants that are dependable sources of color. Make sure to explore this fragrant garden with your nose! In 2013, the Dallas Council of Garden Clubs made an initial renovation. In 2015, after continued battling with Rose Rosette Disease, we partnered with Texas A&M Agrilife Research Water University to renovate the space into a Water Efficient Rose Garden designed with native and adaptive plants. These plants provide enormous color all while attracting pollinators and utilizing less water.

Grand Allee du Meadows

The Grand Allee was funded and named by the Meadows Foundation and completed in 1988. Our most formal garden, the Grand Allee is lined by Savannah hollies and features a seasonal fan of color behind the show fountain. Butterfly host and nectar plants are interspersed throughout.

Margaret Fonde Jonsson Tribute Garden

Margaret Fonde Jonsson Tribute Garden (President's Garden)

Previously named the President's Garden, this sunken, shaded resting spot honors our "Founding Ladies" who spent years working tirelessly to grow the Gardens and our mission. The garden was renovated in 2013 to incorporate shade-loving native and adapted plants. Benches, hand-made for an Eagle Scout project, allow for ample sitting. The reflecting pond shelters gambusia (mosquito fish) and the occasional red-eared slider turtle.

Master Gardeners' Garden

Master Gardeners' Garden in the summer

Master Gardeners' Garden

If you have ever wondered how to create an attractive landscape while respecting the environment, then this garden is for you. The Master Gardeners’ Garden is a landscape demonstration garden focusing on native and well adapted plants. It follows principles from the Earth-Kind® and WaterWise programs of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

The garden was created and is maintained by volunteers from the Dallas County Master Gardener program, a non-profit, educational and volunteer service organization affiliated with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. The Master Gardeners are proud to have created an organic garden that displays sustainable gardening practices in this unique urban setting. A list of plants featured in the Master Gardeners’ Garden is available here.

Minnie Marcus Garden

The butterfly-shaped Minnie Marcus Garden was renovated from the ground up in early 2015, thanks to the generosity of the Marcus family and the Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation. Swaths of flowing perennials frame paved resting areas. An antique urn is the centerpiece, donated by the estate of Minnie Marcus.

Scent Garden (Marianne Scruggs Herb Garden)

Patterned after a London herb garden, this garden was first built in 1958 as a project of the Marianne Scruggs Garden Club and was the first garden on the grounds. The Scent Garden was originally designed to be enjoyed by people with impaired vision. In 2003, the garden was renovated using City of Dallas bond funds. Today, we encourage you to explore this area with all your senses.

Shakespeare Garden

The Shakespeare Garden showcases flora mentioned in the Bard's many works. Enjoy the antique sundial, a bas-relief panel of Shakespeare himself, and the winding paths of herbs, perennials and small trees. Look for the fig trees and their telltale leaves. "Of all flowers, methinks a rose is best."