Create a Butterfly Garden Habitat of your Own

Love butterflies? Attract them to your own backyard or schoolyard by planting a Butterfly Habitat Garden!

Learn how to create a beautiful Butterfly Garden of your own with our instruction packet.
Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar
You'll learn how to create a garden filled with the plants necessary to attract and support the complete lifecycle of our native butterflies. Host plants provide the proper source of nutrition for caterpillars and attract egg-laying adult female butterflies. Nectar-rich plants are a food source for adult butterflies.

Purchase of this packet supports Texas Discovery Gardens' mission to teach effective ways to restore, conserve and preserve nature in an urban setting, with a focus on gardening organically and sustainably.

Get started with our Butterfly Habitat Instruction Packet!

This detailed packet includes information on more than 70 nectar and host plants recommended specifically for gardens in North Central Texas. You can download it for free here. We are publishing this information for free, because we would love to see pollinator-friendly gardens around North Texas! When you garden for butterflies, you garden with native, drought hardy plants that are nice for landscaping and the environment. You also garden organically when you want to attract butterflies. If you would like to make a donation to help us further our mission, you are welcome to! It's as easy as clicking on the donation button to the left.

  • Butterfly and Caterpillar attracting trees, shrubs, vines, annuals, and perennials
  • Latin and Common names
  • Light preferences (sun/shade)
  • Bloom seasons
  • List of butterfly species attracted to each host plant
  • Garden design tips
Create your butterfly garden (it will attract all sorts of pollinators)!

Step Two: Certify your Butterfly Habitat!

Complete an application form for your Butterfly Habitat
An application can be found in your Butterfly Habitat Instruction Packet. You can also find one here.

Certification is $35 and includes a Texas Discovery Gardens certified Butterfly Habitat sign!

Our Horticulture Department will review your garden, make suggestions for further improvement if necessary, and mail you a Certified Butterfly Habitat sign for your garden.

Mail the completed application form with payment to:

Texas Discovery Gardens
Butterfly Habitat Program
PO Box 152537
Dallas, TX 75315

Application will be reviewed and sign will be mailed to you within three weeks.